Winter checklist for every homeowner

Well, without even realising it, winter is… already here! And as always, we have to put a few things on our to-do list so that our home is well-prepared for the upcoming colder months and our space is ready to offer us warm and cozy moments once again. See our checklist below to make sure you are doing your part to prep for yet another great winter.

Collect and Store Firewood

Stock up on firewood, briquettes and fire starters for your fireplace, and make sure you store them in a safe, dry space, covered with a waterproof protective tarp, throughout the winter. If however, you prefer chopping your own firewood, make sure you have a top of the line chainsaw at hand, so you can get the job done well, and in no time at all!

Garden Furniture Storage Solutions

Before storing your garden furniture away, make sure you protect them from moisture and rain by using waterproof outdoor covers. We suggest using individual covers instead of covering everything with one large cover or tarp, so that you can be sure each item is getting the protection it deserves. Remember to also wash your pillows and chair seats before packing them up in special vacuum storage bags or storing them in garden deck boxes.

Time for pruning

Pruning and trimming our plants helps then grow healthier and stronger and we tend to do these garden chores much more frequently during the autumn and winter months. This is because plants spend their energy on rejuvenating themselves and preparing for spring during the colder months, and need our help to thrive. Equip yourself with high quality garden hand tools for trimming chores that require care and control, as well as garden power tools for the heavier, more demanding jobs.

Winter Fertilization Basics

In order to ensure that your trees grow healthily and quickly, you need to fertilize them frequently during the winter months. Visit our stores and consult our garden experts to find the soil and fertilizer products that you need to see your garden grow and bloom, exactly as you want it to.

Smart Storage

If you have the space for it, a garden shed can offer you the best storage solution you’ve ever had. Simply use it to store all your outdoor furniture and garden tools in a specially designed structure that will keep everything safe from the rain and cold, while decluttering your home. Make sure you choose the right one for you based on the size and future additions you may need. 

Get Cozy

Prepare your home for the upcoming cold by making sure you are always warm and cozy! Invest in a powerful radiator or electric fireplace to set the tone and heat up your living area easily and affordably, all winter long. Don’t forget that you need to feel just as cozy in the bedroom as well, and an electric under blanket or blanket will always do the trick.

New carpet – new look

Your home may need an extra touch to freshen up for the new season and a new carpet is always a great solution. Find countless designs and sizes at our stores, ideal for every room of the house, and refresh your home’s look and feel… instantly!

Warm blankets and throws

Transform your living room into a warm and welcoming space, ready to make anyone and everyone feel comfortable. Just place some throws and blankets on your sofas, and make sure they match your space perfectly so you can curl up with a good movie, some good friends and some delicious hot chocolate, whenever you want to!