Spring Cleaning

8 tips to get it done right!

Spring is in the air and we love how it lifts our mood! With nature blooming all around us and the sun warming our faces – and our hearts – the last thing we want to do is to clean the house. We do want to have a home that sparkles though, so let’s take a look at 8 awesome tips that will help us get spring cleaning done easily and efficiently.

Plan your spring cleaning

Whether you want to do it all in one weekend, or you want to break down your tasks and take your time, one thing is for sure: You need to make a plan. Write down the rooms and spaces that need cleaning, make a list of all the tasks for each room and start prioritizing.

Get your cleaning supplies ready

It goes without saying that once you start cleaning, you definitely don’t want to leave the task unfinished and run to your nearest store for extra cleaning supplies! So make sure you have everything you need, before you get to work.

Make your windows sparkle

Choose a cloudy day to get your window wiper and start making those windows shine again. This way, you can avoid streaks coming from the cleanser drying too soon because of the warm sun.

Get your home appliances and kitchen surfaces looking brand new

Dust, stains and grease can be tough on your granite countertops, your stainless-steel fridge, the inside of your oven, or even your coffee machine. There is however a secret that will save you from a lot of trouble with all of your kitchen surfaces and appliances: Use the right cleaning product for each type of surface. You will be amazed with the results!

Treat your wooden surfaces with care

Wooden floors and furniture can be quite delicate, but they still need cleaning, don’t you agree? First of all, avoid mopping your wooden or laminate floors or cleaning your wooden furniture with common cleaning methods. Instead, use specialized cleanerssprays and cleaning creams, designed to treat your floors and furniture with the same care you would!

Free up some closet space

We all know how our closet gets full of “I have nothing to wear” clothes every now and then! Go through your winter clothes and shoes, put the ones you don’t want any more in a bag or two and take them to your nearest charity. Tidy up the ones you want and store those you don’t need for springtime, using practical vacuum bags, that will save up some more space and keep dust away!

Extra tip: Use insecticides and pesticides for clothing to protect your clothes from becoming… food for moth!

Shampoo those carpets

According to experts, your carpets need cleaning 3-4 times a year in high-trafficked areas and 1-2 times a year in low-trafficked areas. Wondering what it takes to get the job done? Well, all you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner, a carpet cleaner and a stain remover.

Extra tip: If you’re a pet parent, go for the pet stain remover, as well as a quick-dry foam that can eliminate any nasty smells and leave your space smelling great!

Make your home smell like spring!

After getting it all done, it’s time to add the final touch to your sparkling home: Make it smell like spring! The last and easiest task of your spring cleaning: Just choose your favourite air freshener, find the right corner for it, lay back and enjoy the fruits of your labour!