Father’s Day 2022: Special gift ideas for special dads !

Daddy, daddio, papa, pop, pappy… we give him many pet names (which often depend on whether or not we need a favour) but for us, he will always be our one and only world’s best dad. The man who usually cannot say no to that favour we ask for, our unsung hero, our strict but cuddly papa bear, our harshest critic and our very best friend.

On Sunday 19th of June, we honour fathers everywhere, and to make it easier for you to say thank you to yours, we have selected a few gift ideas that are just as special as the man that raised you. Check them below and start preparing his very own Father’s Days surprise, today!

Outdoor Cooking

Does he turn into an executive masterchef as soon as he sees a barbeque? If so, he’d love a new gas bbq station, electric grill or accessories, aids and utensils, specially designed for outdoor cooking, to make his existing open-air station, even more impressive and easy-to-use.

Personal Care

They may not spend a long time taking care of their hair, but believe us - all dads like to look good. Whatever his personal style preferences are, your dad will appreciate a quality trimmer or shaver while a personal hair clipper will help him feel young, handsome and fresh in mere minutes.

Hobby Tools

Has your dad expressed an interest in learning a new skill, or does he have an old hobby he has not had the time to focus on? We suggest getting him gifts that will rekindle his creativity or inspire a new project, such as glue guns for model making, wood-burning pens and various hobby sets so he can experiment with new interests such as glass etching and woodworking.

Car and Motorbike lovers

Turbo charged dads that take great pride in their cars, will appreciate practical auto gadgets like Bluetooth accessories, next gen car stereos and chargers of all types. Biker dads on the other hand,  will probably prefer accessories that give them a little more freedom during their rides or safeguard their motorbikes, such as biker phone holders, tire repair kits and protective covers.

‘Outdoorsy’ dads

If you dad is always trying to find an excuse to  get out of the house, connect with nature and organise the next excursion, we suggest equipping him with everything he needs to enjoy outdoor picnics and camping trips with friends, as well as essential tools for endless hours… of garden care!

Gym gear

Choosing a gift for a fitness dad should be quite easy. You will find a wide range of cyclist accessories as well as storage, transportation and maintenance products at our stores, as well as various  top band fitness equipment and specialized clothing for his everyday workout sessions.

Happy Father’s Day to all, and remember that if you still haven’t settled on the perfect present for yours… a giftcard from his favourite Superhome Center stores, is always a great idea too!