Get warm and cozy at home:

How to choose the best carpet for your space.

Every winter, carpets become the ultimate must-haves, as they keep our home warm and cozy while adding comfort and reducing excess noise! Looking for the right carpet though, can require a little masterful guidance, as this rapidly growing world of designs, colours, textures and sizes, offers a truly endless range of choices.

Finding the right carpet for you

Shaggy carpets

One of the most popular types of carpets, known for their rich and thick pile and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Shaggy carpets can add a natural sense of luxury to a space, creating a sense of homey warmth that is perfect for the living room, bedroom and other common areas. They can be used in both classic and modern interiors thanks to their unique look and feel, which offer their owners the chance to sit comfortably on the floor should they want to, while giving children a delightfully soft platform to play on!

Classic carpets

Is there anything better than timeless design? Classic carpets with motifs from Persia and the Far East are preferred for the luxurious sense of royalty and plush extravagance that can elevate any interior. They suit classically designed homes perfectly, but when creatively placed, can also be the perfect addition to a contemporary home.

Kilim carpets

Traditionally handcrafted in bold, playful tapestry patterns, kilim carpets are the next big thing when it comes to trendy décor, especially for the living room and bedroom. Thanks to the many colour and design schemes on offer, they can be used in various areas and suit many types of interiors, while adding a casual ethnic look to any space.

A large eye-catching kilim for example, is great for creating contrast in rooms with light tones and pastel colours, while smaller, less daring designs can discreetly enhance your décor and allow you to add you own creative touch in an otherwise neutral space.

Modern design carpets

Whether monochrome and minimal or modern and abstract, these carpets will effortlessly deliver a stylish tone of contemporary design to your home. Place them in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, where they can be combined with surrounding modern décor, and if you’ve chosen a “new vintage look” they will probably look best in the master bedroom or other large common areas in your home.

Extra tips: choosing the right size

Once you’ve chosen the design and style, it’s time to make sure you choose the right carpet size for your space. Carpets add a sense of continuity to your furniture and generally direct the flow of a space. A general rule of thumb to keep in mind, is that you should keep a distance of at least 20cm between the edge of your carpet and the room walls - or kitchen cupboards. Also, make sure your carpet is large enough to fit all furniture legs. If your living room is relatively small however, and the back of your sofa is against a wall, make sure that only the front sofa legs are resting on the carpet, in order to allow the room to “breathe”.  

If you want to try a maximalist décor trend you can also use carpets of various sizes and combine them in a layering technique, which will give you more freedom to express yourself creatively. And for a boho mix & match look, you can always step out of the box… and go for a round carpet!