10 Clever Tips to Store your Christmas Decorations

We’ve exchanged gifts, laughed with good friends, celebrated great moments, ate naughty amounts… and now it’s time for the inevitable packing up and storing of all the festive décor. But pulling the tree down and boxing up all our pretty ornaments, lights, wreaths and garlands, doesn’t have to be just another depressing post-holiday chore. If you want to make the process as enjoyable as decorating was a few weeks, ago, just follow our 10 tips for easy Christmas storage.

  • Put some music on and ask for a little help from friends and family. Decorating is a group project and packing up is no different. Play to everyone’s strengths: get the vigilant folks to take care of anything fragile, the patient ones to detangle and wrap up the lights up, etc.
  • Forget about your old and tattered boxes that you use year after year to store your tree and ornaments. Invest in new plastic and folding storage boxes to get everything in order, in no time at all.
  • Store ribbons, stickers, tags, glitter and other festive stationery, in smaller Christmas boxes so that you can find and use them easily next year.
  • Use a nifty storage basket to transfer ornaments and décor from room to room, to avoid unnecessary coming and going as well as any possible clumsy accidents.
  • Use a Christmas light chain reel to avoid detangling headaches next year.
  • Store fragile and sentimental decorations and ornaments, in special storage boxes with carton dividers, in order to protect them.
  • Get new carton boxes in various sizes to pack light and durable ornaments, get yourself a handy tape dispenser gun to close them up properly, and use a market to write their contents on the outside.  
  • Use bubble wrap or foam roll to wrap and protect glass and other fragile or high-value ornaments, before storing them.
  • Wrap your tree up with stretch film in order to press it into as small a size as possible, so it will take up less space when stored.
  • Make sure your storage room is clean and tidy before adding new boxes or cartons. Use metallic shelving to optimize your space and get super organized, safely and easily.

With a little bit of positivity, a good attitude and some energy, you can accomplish even the most mundane task, faster and better than ever.

Have fun “undecorating” and Happy New Year!