1. Bank of Cyprus cardholders making a purchase at Superhome Center, worth €50 or more, will benefit a 20% discount e-voucher at the entrance of Fasouri Waterpark.
2. The offer is valid for payments between 03/6/2022-23/6/2022 
3. The e-voucher will be valid until 30/6/2022.
4. The discount is valid only once per customer.
5. Holders of Bank of Cyprus Cards are bound by the “Terms and Conditions of Use of Cards” as well as any other relevant agreement with the Bank of Cyprus, that is in force from time to time.
6. The redemption of the e-voucher can be done only using a Bank of Cyprus Visa or Mastercard card.
7. The Bank of Cyprus reserves the right to amend the present Terms & Conditions at any time by notifying Bank of Cyprus Card holders accordingly.
8. It is understood that Bank of Cyprus does not give any assurances or representations and does not provide any guarantees regarding the offer.
9. To the fullest extent that legislation permits this, Bank of Cyprus is not responsible for any loss, damage or disruption at any person or property which may arise, directly or indirectly, totally or partially from the acceptance of the offer.
10. Bank of Cyprus can, at its sole discretion exclude any participation and prohibit any further participation in the offer to any person who interferes in any way to the participation process or the smooth functioning of the offer or acts in violation of the existing Terms and Conditions.
11. Acceptance of the offer shall be construed as full and unreserved acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions and the Bank’s “Terms and Conditions of Use of Cards”
12. The present Terms and Conditions are governed by the law of the Republic of Cyprus.